Dredd Gets A Sequel After All

In comic form, at least...

If you, like most of us, were saddened by the recent news that Dredd's box office numbers just didn't add up to further instalments, there's possibly some small consolation on the way. While there still seems no chance of any more Mega City action on the big screen, it does appear that a follow-up to the film's story will appear in comic form later this year. British comics institution 2000AD have just released the following teaser ad...

What's clear from that is that the story will grace the Judge Dredd Megazine, but no other details are forthcoming as yet, so we don't know, for example, if Dredd's screenwriter Alex Garland might be picking up the gauntlet again.

Garland, speaking to Empire last year, had speculated that if there were to be further movie Dredds, he might be inclined to adapt something like the pro-democracy-terrorists story America. Adapting a comic into a new comic would seem like a redundant exercise though, so we should probably expect a new direction. Ironic that: the naysayers always hated that Dredd's was an original story. Now they'll get another.

As you can see from the poster, we should expect Dredd 2 sometime in September, and there will apparently be further information released at this year's Comic-Con. For an idea of what the comic might look like, have a look at the movie prequel (by 2000AD and Megazine editor Matt Smith) that was published last year.

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