Disturbia Team Tackle Y: The Last Man

Caruso and Ellsworth to adapt comic

If your last film was the only true sleeper hit of the year and stayed top of the US box office for three weeks - something none of the blockbusters have managed - chances are you want to capitalise on that success as soon as possible. Sure enough, Disturbia director DJ Caruso and writer Carl Ellsworth are teaming up again to adapt bleak post-Apocalyptic comic book Y: The Last Man.

Y is the thoroughly creepy and disturbing tale of what happens when every last man, and indeed every last higher animal with a Y chromosone, drops dead one day. All, that is, except one wannabe magician called Yorick and his pet monkey Ampersand. Yorick sets out on a quest to get across America, now populated by zealot Amazonians who are determined to finish the job that the plague started. He's not sure if he's more concerned about helping a brilliant geneticist find out what caused the plague or get to Australia to find his girlfriend, on holiday there at the time of the disaster, but either way he's got his work cut out.

The interesting thing about today's news is that Disturbia star Shia LaBeouf, who's so hot right now, recently expressed a desire to star as Yorick. Which has got to make you wonder - did he know these guys were going to be hired? Cause, y'know, given that he did well for them last time he's got to be in with a shot at the lead. Or did his interest encourage someone to get them hired, in the hope that Mr Next Big Thing would sign on? Or is it all a beautiful cosmic coincidence that offers evidence of the existence of unicorns? We guess that time, and whether or now LaBeouf is cast, will tell.