Disney Makes A Deal For Indiana Jones

The Mouse House will distribute any new Indy film

While this was news that could have been predicted once Disney acquired Lucasfilm a year ago, certain financial aspects of the deal still had to be worked out. Now, the contracts are dry and the company has chosen a surprisingly low-key Friday afternoon press release to announce that it has negotiated with Paramount for the rights to distribute any new Indiana Jones film.

The reason for keeping things muted is the fact that there is no big news to relate about a potential fifth outing for Harrison Ford’s iconic adventurer, which remains strictly in the great vaults of rumour and speculation. Still, given the Mouse House’s driving forward with the Star Wars universe, we’re certain discussions have been held with major players such as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas about continuing Indy’s adventures.

Paramount, meanwhile, keeps hold of all the rights to the previous four movies, and, a little like the deal for the company’s Marvel holdings, will keep some financial participation on any future films that are made and released. So it’s in both companies’ interest that Indy pick up the whip again. Will it happen? Watch this space...