DiCaprio Talks Inception

Expect multiple, simultaneous narratives

When we talked to Leonardo DiCaprio about his latest film with Martin Scorsese, Shutter Island, we took the chance to ask him about this summer's Inception, the brain-bending new effort from The Dark Knight's Christopher Nolan.

You can hear what he had to say below, but if you're more a reader than a watcher, here are the high points.

"It is complicated. It's a complicated story-structure, but it's sprung from the great filmmaker Christopher Nolan's mind, and he's been able to take highly complex jigsaw puzzles in a narrative and put them together like we've never seen."

"This is a plot-structure that's working on multiple layers simultaneously - and quite literally when I say simultaneously, I do mean multiple narratives simultaneously. So everyone's going to be in for a treat when they see it, including me."

Inception is out on July 16 in the UK and US. Shutter Island's out now, and is really rather good.