Dean Norris Heads Under The Dome

From Breaking Bad to behaving badly

Dean Norris

Though we must admit our telly-loving hearts are cracking at the idea of Breaking Bad coming to an end, we are glad the show is getting to go out on a high and with the chance to wrap its storyline up properly. And with the cast free to pursue other jobs, they’re now popping up elsewhere. Dean Norris – AKA DEA agent Hank Schrader – has just landed a deal to play the villain in the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s Under The Dome.

The series, which has already been ordered by US network CBS, charts what happens when a small New England town called Chester’s Mill is sealed off from the rest of the world by a mysterious, transparent force field.

Within the dome, the worst elements of human nature start to surface with politician/car dealership owner James “Big Jim” Rennie (Norris) seizing the chance to take control of the town.

He’ll face opposition from former Army officer Dale “Barbie “Barbara (Cloverfield’s Mike Vogel), a local waitress (Britt Robertson) and an ambitious sheriff’s deputy (Natalie Martinez).

With Steven Spielberg lending his name to the show and comics man/Lost veteran Brian K Vaughan among the people running it, Under The Dome will kick off across the pond on June 24 and has a 13-epsiode first season order. Our anticipation for the series just jumped a few notches…