Dean Morgan Opens The Dibbuk Box

Producer Sam Raimi is making him do it

That Sam Raimi, eh? He just can’t stay away from mystical objects. And now he’s exposing The Losers’ Jeffrey Dean Morgan to the dangers of the Dibbuk Box.

Raimi has been attached to the film – as a producer – for years now. It was announced way back in late 2004 and has been slowly chugging through development hell. Ole Bornedal is the man currently attached to direct from a script that’s apparently inspired by true events and written by Juliet Snowden and Stiles White. Why does it seem like half the horror movies around these days are “inspired by” real events?

Anyhoo, the story the film will follow sees Morgan as a recently divorced father whose youngest sprog starts acting strangely after she buys an antique wooden box at a yard sale. As her behaviour becomes weirder and scarier, doting dad discovers that there’s a dark presence at work, and a Dibbuk – a dislocated spirit from Jewish folklore that latches onto and eventually snacks on a human host – has taken control of his little girl. Either that, or she’s becoming a teenager. We’d imagine it’s much the same effect. We're speculating that, at that point, Morgan calls on his small-screen sons Dean and Sam Winchester from Supernatural to exorcise the demon, but that's perhaps too much to hope for.

Lionsgate has this one in the States and sees the film as a likely replacement for its long-running Saw series, locking in a release date of October 28 both here and across the pond.

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