David Slade Developing Daredevil?

He's in talks to take over the story...

Just when you thought things had gone awfully quiet on the Daredevil front, Fox has decided to shove it into the next stage of development, entering talks with Hard Candy/Twilight: Eclipse director David Slade to develop and possibly call the shots on a new film.

The most intriguing element of Variety’s digging on the subject, however, is the fact that Fox appears to be treating it very much like a continuation of the story that started with Mark Steven Johnson’s 2003 film, and yet won’t feature any of the cast or real plot elements from that outing. So it’s not a reboot, but it will essentially start over with a new creative team. Perhaps it’ll end up a little like The Incredible Hulk, which basically kicked off after the events of Ang Lee’s effort, but also went back and retooled a few things here and there from the origin.

Slade’s not officially attached just yet, though we doubt they’d let anything slip if they weren’t sure that he’d lock in a deal. Still, maybe they’re trying to get him to agree… He also clearly has fans at the studio, since he was under serious consideration to direct The Wolverine before Darren Aronofsky got the job. Right now, however, he's busy with both TV pilot REM and Dracula-flavoured horror thriller The Last Voyage of the Demeter, which will likely happen before Daredevil returns.

The next step is finding a writer who can get the script moving and figure out the challenges of continuing Ben Affleck’s story without Ben Affleck. And that’s before they even find a new Matt Murdock. Brace yourself for a whole new slew of casting rumours!