Darren Aronofsky Producing XOXO

By Black Swan writer Mark Heyman

He's not directing this one, since his hands are somewhat full building Noah's Ark, but Darren Aronofsky will be producing XOXO, from a screenplay by his Black Swan writer Mark Heyman. Lionsgate have just picked up the rights.

XOXO ("Kiss Hug Kiss Hug", for people who don't speak Txt) is a high-concept piece based around a Facebook stalker. All involved are admirably up-front about its being "Fatal Attraction for the social networking age". It involves an up-and-coming city type with a perfectly nice fiancee, who neverthless enjoys a bit of online flirting with people he meets on the interweb. As you might surmise, one of these online dalliances starts to go rather wrong.

Bits of Hard Candy and Catfish in there, as well as the aforementioned Fatal Attraction and that film's progenitor Play Misty For Me. His buddy Heyman aside, you might wonder what attracted Aronofsky to the project, but Variety are describing some technical gimmicks that might explain his interest. XOXO will make use of "streaming video and other social media platforms, as well as stylised visual sequences" to tell its tale.

What that actually means in practice is anyone's guess, so feel free to speculate in the comments below. XOXO is a while away from production, with no director yet attached. Heyman also just wrote Age of Rage for Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb.