Dark Knight Rules The Box Office Again

Is there any stopping this movie?

The Dark Knight has spent a fourth week at number 1 in the US, adding another $26 million dollars to its massive haul, taking it to $441.5 million overall. That already makes it the third biggest film ever in the US. It's now less than $20 million off besting Star Wars, which it will do, and $160 million away from overtaking Titanic, which is entirely possible given the lack of enormous films coming up – Tropic Thunder or Star Wars: Clone Wars could very well knock it from its perch next week, but neither is likely to send it reeling down the charts.

Batman's continued success left Pineapple Express, the Seth Rogen/James Franco stoner comedy, in second place with a solid $22.4 million. The Mummy 3 took a tumble, clawing together $16.1 million in its second week, leaving that fourth installment now looking less likely (phew).

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 found lots of young girls willing to stump up cash for more female friendship adventures, giving the sequel a first weekend haul of $10.8 million.

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