Danny Cannon taking over Gerard Butler's Geostorm

Gerard Butler - Gamer

Almost two years after the initial production wrapped, the Gerard Butler-starring Geostorm still hasn't seen the light of day. The directing debut of frequent Roland Emmerich collaborator Dean Devlin has had a troubled journey to the screen, and is now heading into reshoots - with a different director. Judge Dredd's Danny Cannon, more recently responsible for the likes of TV's CSI and Gotham has taken over the reigns for two weeks of reshoots.

Announced in the wake of Butler's Whitehouse-saving Olympus Has Fallen, Geostorm sees him playing a charming-but-stubborn satellite designer called in to help when the world’s climate-controlling satellites start to act up.

As a man-made storm of destructive proportions looms, he has to work alongside his estranged brother Jim Sturgess (because, by law, there must always be family tension or an ex-wife/husband to add spice to these sorts of movies) to save the world. Part of that will mean going into space and stopping a(nother) plot to assassinate the president.

The new work on the film sounds extensive, reportedly costing in the region of $15m (reassembling the cast this far down the line will be expensive) and even jettisoning some characters. But the official line from studio Warner Bros. is that Devlin was simply unavailable for the remount, leaving the door ajar for Cannon's fix-it skills.

Abbie Cornish, Robert Sheehan, Ed Harris, Amr Waked, Katheryn Winnick and Andy Garcia were all originally aboard, so we'll see if they all make the cut when Geostorm is finally unleashed late in 2017.