Cowboys & Aliens Premiere Report

Bond and Indy take the O2 by storm

Forget Lady Gaga, Prince, Zeppelin and co; last night The O2 belonged to the old West and that bit of outer space where bastard aliens come from. Empire Presents... Big Screen kicked off with possibly the ultimate movie pairing: 007 and Indiana Jones - Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford - bringing their stardust to the Cowboys & Aliens' premiere.

And jolly gee willikers if director Jon Favreau and Olivia Wilde didn't also clink-clank their glamorous way down the red carpet. The genre-splicing movie, which kicks off three days of moviegeddon at The O2, sees the trio tackling an alien invasion in the Old West with only some six-shooters, a few ponies and that space-blaster strapped to Craig's nameless gunslinger. It's 'The Good, The Bad And The One Ugly Mother...'Empire's Cowboys & Aliens review is online now: click here to beam it up. The movie will be swinging open your nearest cinema doors on August 17.