Comic-Con: Sam Raimi Is Writing An Evil Dead TV Show

Along with Ivan Raimi and Bruce Campbell


Sam Raimi made a surprise appearance at Comic-Con today, to talk about his role as producer on the movie adaptation of The Last Of Us – and during the on-stage Q&A dropped quite the bombshell: that he is writing an Evil Dead TV show along with his brother, Ivan, and Ash himself, Bruce Campbell.

Raimi said no more than that, but it was something of a bolt out of the blue. It’s been an open secret that he and Campbell have been working on a script that could become either Evil Dead IV or Army Of Darkness 2, but that seems to have mutated somewhat.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Excited by the prospect of a weekly dose of Deadites? Given the gory nature of Evil Dead, can a weekly show work? Will it be Ash’s ongoing adventures, or will it see a new group of characters venture to the cabin in the woods every week? And which network will pick up the show? We’ll try our very best to venture down into the fruit cellar and dig up some answers for you.