Comic-Con: Bryan Singer Talks Superman

Director announces super-sequel

For a guy who didn’t like comic books growing up, Bryan Singer sure does make a lot of comic book movies. And, for that matter, he comes to Comic-Con a lot as well. Last year he flew in direct from Sydney to present some footage from Superman Returns, which nearly blew the roof off the gargantuan Hall H.

Yesterday, he returned to talk about the movie, and he did so to a hero’s welcome. And finally, he confirmed that he will be directing the sequel to Superman Returns

“I have nothing, I have only ideas,” he told Empire. “I just know that there are certain things that were established in this movie, certain aspects of the characters’ relationships and reveals and a great sense of unresolved and romantic dilemma that Superman faces, and now that the character is established, I’d like to take the opportunity to bring in a more threatening element, a more terrible, foreboding element.”

When asked if that would involve a Kryptonian villain, or possibly Brainiac, Singer replied, “Perhaps…” with a smile.

“I will probably take what I established the character as it is established in Superman Returns and move from there,” continued Singer. “This will be the starting place, kind of like in X-Men 1 I had to find a place to educate people who weren’t familiar with that universe, there’s a whole generation not familiar with Superman, and there was a value in having him return to a version of the Donner universe. It’s always a delicate balance with a character this steeped in history.”

Those who have seen Superman Returns will know – and spoilers may abound here – that it’s very open-ended, what with Lex Luthor still knocking around somewhere, Lois still together with James Marsden’s Richard White… and, most intriguingly, the revelation that Jason, Lois’s son, is also Superman’s… and he appears to possess some of Superpop’s powers.

In the hands of a lesser director, this might provide a myriad of mawkish plot possibilities in a sequel, but Singer is adamant that he’s going to try to avoid those. “I don’t know if I want to see the kid wearing a costume and running around with Superman!” he laughed.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a timeframe for Superman II (Mk II) – and yes, Singer’s not sure what to call the movie – it may arrive in cinemas in 2009, giving Singer the chance to direct a smaller movie, possibly The Mayor Of Castro Street, first.