Clutch Of Hulk Scenes Go Online

Incredible and, indeed, smashing!

Just like Bruce Banner’s search to find a cure for his big, green, angry gigantism, we’ve been on a bit of a quest ourselves and have come up with a rather more successful result – a bunch of new The Incredible Hulk sneaky peeks.

First up from Yahoo Movies is a quick clip cribbed from the decisive smackdown between the Emerald Giant and his equally big-boned nemesis The Abomination which you can see here. Looking suitably punchy and fighty, we like the epic scale of the grudge match and the Hulk’s inventive use of a cop car as loaded boxing gloves. Considering the fact that it’s only a precursor to a mooted 26 minute-long final set piece, we’re fully expecting a whole bunch of stationary objects to be opportunistically used as weapons of mass destruction - bring it on!

Next, AOL has a scene in which Bruce Banner (Edward Norton), having been hunted down and trapped by General Ross’ (William Hurt) small army of locked-and-loaded soldiers, is irked enough to transform into his bad-tempered alter ego. You can see it here. MTV has a romantic interlude between Betty (Liv Tyler) and the Hulk that apparently follows, here. Only the HD link will work in the UK.

MySpaceTv is hosting the first fateful face-off between the Hulkster and a pre-Abomination Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) who, in addition to handling himself impressively well in a tight spot, manages to piss off our marauding hero to dangerous new levels. You can watch that one here. MSN has more Blonsky vs Hulk, here, this time in a warehouse.

So, what do you think? Is The Incredible Hulk shaping up to be a genuine buster of blocks?