Cloverfield Gets Ever Twistier

JJ Abrams movie launches two new sites

It's possibly the most exciting movie launch we've ever seen. JJ Abrams is producing a movie codenamed Cloverfield – almost certainly not the final title – which is getting people salivating all over the internet. It might be one of the biggest blockbusters of next year, but nobody's ever heard of it. It started with a trailer in front of screenings of Transformers in the US. The trailer appeared on Youtube, briefly, but seems to have since disappeared. We were lucky enough to watch it in proper quality courtesy of the film's distributors Paramount and it is awesome, to the point that we don't want to spoil it for those who haven't yet seen it. It should be officially online very soon.

What exactly the movie is about is still a secret (and not one we know, in case you ask). It's widely stated that this is a mystery/monster movie, but even that is unconfirmed. What we do know is that Abrams is producing, with Michael Stahl-David, Mike Vogel, Odet Jasmin and Lizzy Kaplan among the cast. Matt Reeves, a former director on Abrams series Felicity, is said to be directing and Drew Goodard, a longtime Abrams collaborator, the author of the screenplay. We know it's released on 18.1.08. At least we think we do, since it says so on the trailer, but we just don't know what we know anymore, y'know. Our heads hurt.

Now, the mystery deepens. Two new websites went online today. One called and the other, naturally, The former is a tricksy little bugger, full of puzzles to unlock a number of freaky video clips. So far we've only managed to unlock up to level 4, but we're a bit thick and ham-fisted, so you may fare better. The latter may not even be anything officially to do with the movie. So get in there and see what you can find. Two things are for sure. 1) This is undoubtedly just the beginning. 2) This shit is gonna get weird. And pretty awesome. Oh god, our brains! Our poor, delicious brains!