Clive Owen To Be One Of The Last Knights

Alongside Morgan Freeman

The last time Clive Owen picked up a sword – aside, that is from his turn as Sir Walter Raleigh in Elizabeth: The Golden Age – we got the underwhelming King Arthu**r. But we’re hoping for better things from his latest armoured turn, [as he signs on to star alongside Morgan Freeman in The Last Knights.**](http://www.screendaily.com/home/afm/clive-owen-morgan-freeman-to-star-in-the-last-knights/5048358.article|rel=nofollow)

Michael Konyves, who wrote Barney’s Version, has cooked up a script that finds a band of warriors looking to avenge the death of their master by hunting down a corrupt emperor and his forces.

Kazuaki Kiriya is handling directorial duties, and we’re already wondering whether it will be similar to the troubled Keanu Reeves pic 47 Ronin, which finds a band of Samurai looking to avenge the death of their master by hunting down a corrupt court official.

Luka Production International is backing this one, which should start filming this month in the Czech Republic, once a few more of the knights have been rounded up. It'll be interesting to see how a story like this plays out in a post-Game Of Thrones world.

Owen will next be seen in Blood Ties and is returning to the role of Dwight in Sin City sequel A Dame To Kill Fo**r. Freeman is even now filming oldie bachelor party comedy Last Vegas** with Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline and Robert De Niro.

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