Is Chris Pine The Next Jack Ryan?

No title yet, but maybe a star

The long gestating Tom Clancy / Jack Ryan reboot is edging closer to fruition, with the news this morning from Variety that Chris Pine is in talks to play the lead.

Which confirms that Paramount are going "young" with the franchise, and puts the kibosh on the rather exciting recent rumours that George Clooney was interested in the Ryan role.

No title yet, so we don't know which of Clancy's remaining eight unfilmed Ryanverse stories we can expect. There are two books left, prior to Ryan holding any sort of rank that would look ludicrous on Pine: Red Rabbit, about a plot to kill the Pope; and The Cardinal of the Kremlin, where Ryan is still a CIA analyst working his way up the ranks (weirdly, the original James T Kirk William Shatner was at one time in talks to appear in a Harrison Ford-starring Cardinal movie).

Not that those sorts of considerations affected The Sum of All Fears, which in the book series happens after Clear and Present Danger, but as a film became a Ryan's-first-mission prequel. So whichever of Clancy's novels is next up for adaptation, we can almost certainly expect some serious re-jigging. And those politics will need some updating too.