Chris Nolan Overseeing Superman?

He’ll "mentor" a new film's development

He made Batman big news again. So it's hardly surprising that Warners may now have turned to Christopher Nolan to revamp Superman, too.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the Warners brass is so confident in the man who made The Dark Knight (and who is currently in post-production on cryptic thriller Inception for the studio) that he’ll play a godfather role to any new Superman outing, which Warners is aiming as a complete reboot, and not a sequel to Superman Returns.

Before you go running into the streets proclaiming, “fan demands have been met! Christopher Nolan is directing the new Superman film!” toggle it down a few steps. While Warners is definitely pushing ahead with development for a new take on the Man of Steel, Nolan’s involvement will largely be to mentor the project, helping to make sure the embryonic movie gets off the ground.

And there’s a ticking clock on the Supes franchise for the studio which doesn’t help matters: in 2013, many of the character’s rights revert to the estates of creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster, which would mean that nothing new could be kicked off without extra payments and negotiations for licenses.

So after a few years of Krypton’s last son floundering around the rumour circuit with writers and directors (including the likes of Mark Millar) noodling with new visions for the character, Warners itself mulling the idea of letting Bryan Singer continue with his version and the still abortive idea of a Justice League film, it now appears that the company's new DC Entertainment arm is throwing itself faster than a speeding bullet into getting something fresh up on screen.

Nolan’s exact involvement isn’t specified, but it’s thought he’ll help guide the script and, have a say in who gets to direct it/star in the eventual movie. Although we thought Brandon Routh did a bang-up job in Superman Returns, and deserves another shot at donning the red cape.

Nolan will also be busy ramping up a third Batman film, for which he’s apparently found a good idea. Currently, his brother, Jonah, and David Goyer are locked away in a room, furiously turning said idea into a script with words and everything.

Sounds like he's going to be a busy man for the next couple of years…