Chris Eccleston Joins G.I. Joe Cast

Replacing David Murray as Destro

Well, we'll say one thing for Stephen Sommers' upcoming adaptation of G.I. Joe - it's got one hell of an eclectic cast. And today it just became that touch more eclectic (eclecticer? Eclecticy?) with the addition of former Dr. Who, Christopher Eccleston, to its ranks.

Eccleston has signed on to play the villainous Destro, a Scottish weapons dealer who, we learned after a hasty trip to Wikipedia, is in love with The Baroness (to be played by Sienna Miller), and who has been known to play both sides - Cobra and the G.I. Joe guys - against each other. Boo hiss.

Eccleston replaces the Irish actor David Murray, who had to pull out of the role due to visa problems, and his presence certainly lends the project extra credibility. Let's just hope, for Eccleston's sake, that this is a better role than the last time he pulled villain duty on a Hollywood film - when he played a Manchester-born villain in Gone In 60 Seconds.