Centurion Trailer Marches In

Neil Marshall goes Roman around

The first trailer for Neil Marshall’s new action epic – the Roman soldier-powered Centurion has debuted on IGN.

The plot finds Marshall back in familiar, Dog Soldiers-style territory of men-on-a-mission-in-big-trouble: a Roman legion is ambushed by Pictish warriors and the survivors, trapped behind enemy lines must fight their way to safety and claim revenge.

It boasts a solid cast, including Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, Olga Kurylenko (sporting a nifty metal tiara and a lethal bow and arrow) and David Morrissey and, from the looks of this promo, promises plenty of Gladiator-esque fun.

Got to love an ambush that features flaming weapons rolling down a hillside! And maybe, just maybe, this’ll wipe Doomsday from our memories and get Marshall back to his earlier glory days.

Take a look at the trailer below (or watch in HD on IGN) and judge for yourself.