Bullet To The Head Trailer Arrives

Revenge never gets old for Stallone

Anything Arnie can do, Sly can do, er, sweatier. It’s the battle of the old guys, old mates and old friendly rivals today as both the Expendables action legends have new trailers out. You may already have seen Schwarzenegger in the promo for The Last Stand (if not, rectify that here), but here comes Stallone with Bullet To The Head. Check out the first trailer below via IGN.

Adapted from Alexis Nolent’s graphic novel Headshot, Bullet finds Sly as Jimmy Bob, a hit man enraged that his partner has been killed. Swearing revenge, he teams up with a cop (Sung Kang), who has also lost a colleague, to take down the big bad Keegan (Jason Momoa). Along the way, there are plenty of the expected brawls, bullets and blood spilling as Kang’s Taylor Kwon is endlessly shocked by Jimmy’s violent ways. But then, he is a hitman…

Walter Hill directed the film and co-wrote the screenplay with Alessandro Camon, but there have been whispers of trouble in the editing room and rumours of Sly taking over the movie. The result seems a little mixed on this scant evidence, but of course we’ll reserve judgement until the finished project arrives. At the very least, Stallone seems to be enjoying himself…

Bullet To The Head will shoot in our cinemas on February 1 next year.

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