Brosnan Stars In The Hunter

With Clarkson, Moore & Tucci directing

Pierce Brosnan, Julianne Moore and Patricia Clarkson have signed on to star, Stanley Tucci's written the script and will direct, and Steve Buscemi's executive-producing: it's like half our favourite Hollywood types all got together onThe Hunter just to make our day.

The indie comedy drama's set among the "aristocracy" of New York's Upper Westchester County (yes, near Xavier's School for the Gifted). Curiously, it's described as a coming-of-age story for Brosnan's middle-aged character, who has to cope with the disintegration of his once-charmed life.

Tucci's previous behind-the-camera credits most notably include Big Night, but he's also got Blind Date, which stars Clarkson, coming up. The whole thing's being produced by Brosnan's Irish Dreamtime and Tucci and Buscemi's Olive Productions. On paper it all sounds promising; let's hope it's as good as the people involved.

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