Brett Ratner In Talks For Midnight Run 2

He may direct the developing sequel

Depending on your feelings towards the man and his films, this news will either have you high-fiving the nearest available pet / loved one / friend / stranger or contemplating building an apocalypse shelter out of old tin cans and cardboard boxes: Brett Ratner is now in negotiations to direct Universal’s long-gestating Midnight Run sequel.

The return of Robert De Niro (who has been looking to make this happen for a while now) and Charles Grodin’s mismatched buddy comedy duo is a truly divisive issue. Some are itching to see more of Jack Walsh and Jonathan Mardukas while others would prefer that all involved simply be happy with the 1988 original.

Universal is ploughing ahead with the idea, which, if pulled off well, could be one for the ages. Role Models co-writer Tim Dowling was hired early in 2010 to punch out a draft, but now De Niro and his co-producers have hired G. I. Joe / Four Brothers scribblers David Elliot and Paul Lovett to have a crack at continuing the storyline, which left off with De Niro’s cop-turned-bounty-hunter setting the turncoat mob accountant free and walking away with cash and plans to open a coffee shop.

An even bigger question than the eventual quality of any follow-up is Grodin’s participation. He hasn’t appeared in a film since 2006’s The Ex and rarely likes to travel far from his home state of Connecticut, where he spends most of his time on volunteer advocacy. Still, talking to Deadline last year, he did say he’d be open to the idea of reuniting with De Niro.

Ratner, meanwhile, last made Tower Heist and is aiming to direct Hercules: The Thracian Wars this year with Dwayne Johnson in the lead.

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