Brandon Routh No Longer Superman?

More bad news for Mr Unlucky

We're not going to stand for Hollywood's mistreatment of Brandon Routh any longer. If someone doesn't start being nice to him soon, then we're going to march to LA and start smacking some legs. Because this is just becoming cruel.

Latino Review is reporting, on the back of a Variety article, that Routh is now done forever with playing Superman. Variety stated that Bryan Singer would probably not direct a Superman Returns sequel – if indeed that actually happens – due to commitments on other films and that the next Superman we see will be in the (still not officially announced even though everybody knows it's happening) Justice League movie. That there would be a new Supes for Justice League we knew, but Latino Review says this confirms a story they'd been sitting on that Routh will not be required to fill the scarlet Y-fronts again. If you read the Variety article, it doesn't really (it only mentions a new Superman, i.e. the Justice League one), but it does give them some back up to their story.

We can see the logic of keeping the Justice League Superman for any other movies in the Superman franchise, although we still question the logic of that movie, but we still don't see a reason to give Routh the boot. He's young enough to fit with the rest of the rumoured cast of Justice League and he was great in Superman Returns. Many fans had problems with the film, but few named Routh as one of them.

This is still rumour for now, but goshdarnit, we just feel so bad for the guy. We'll be coming round with a collection tin to keep him off the street shortly, so have your wallets open.