Bradley Cooper Considering American BS

He may co-star with Christian Bale

Back at the start of last year, Ben Affleck was offered the chance to direct US Congress story American Bullst. But he passed on it, and now David O. Russell is attached instead. [And he’s bringing along one former collaborator, Christian Bale, already, with another, The Silver Linings' Playbook** star Bradley Cooper, circling. ](http://www.deadline.com/2012/04/megan-ellison-in-talks-to-fund-american-bullshit-with-christian-bale-and-bradley-cooper/)

Eric Singer’s script (which will probably be called something else by the time the movie hits screens) follows the real-life sting operation named Abscam that the FBI ran on members of the US Congress in the 1970s. With the help of convicted con man Melvin Weinberg, the Bureau rooted out corruption in Congress using a company called Abdul Enterprises to uncover crooked politicians.

Sony has been backing the project, but was looking for someone else to share the financing burden. Now Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Pictures appears to be close to stepping in to put up the entire $30 million plus to get it made. With Dark Knight producer Charles Roven also involved, this should be shooting next January if the actors’ deals can be set.

It’s not the only film Russell is juggling: yesterday we reported on him adding a possible political biopic to his in-tray, and he’s also looking at hostage rescue adventure The Mission, which boasts interest from Brad Pitt.

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