Malkovich Joins Transfomers 3!

As does Frances McDormand

We’re not sure you could find much more left-of-field casting announcements for Transformers 3 if you put up a giant neon sign announcing free meals for left-of-field casting news… Michael Bay has added John Malkovich and Frances McDormand to the roster.

It’s true, according to Deadline New York: McDormand has snapped up the meaty role of the National Intelligence Director, while Malkovich will play a no doubt weird character who is Shia LaBeouf’s first boss.

And upping the comedy value will be Ken Jeong, fresh off his success in The Hangover and his scene-stealing supporting role in US sitcom Community (highly recommended if you get the chance to run your eyes over it).

We suppose it’s not so surprising – indie stalwart John Turturro has been a feature of both the previous films, while Hugo Weaving voices Megatron.

The film starts pre-shooting next month, and despite all her comments about Bay, Megan Fox will indeed be back to drape herself over bikes/run away from rampaging robots. Does this fresh casting mean the third film will be better than ROTF? Would that be that difficult?