Bobby Cannavale Has A Woody

He'll appear in Allen's latest

Though he won’t be letting the title of the movie slip, per his usual custom, Woody Allen is at least telling the world who he’s casting in his next project. The latest addition to the talent roster is Win Win’s Bobby Cannavale.

We’ve previously reported on the new Allen effort, which sees him returning to the States for the first time since he set off on his European tour. He already has returning actors Alec Baldwin and Sally Hawkins lined up alongside Woody newcomers Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett. The story apparently finds Hawkins as a neurotic yet fun young woman and Blanchett as someone a little more grounded. How will they all interact? That’s for Woody to know and us to find out.

The shoot is pencilled in for San Francisco and New York this summer, while Allen’s latest, To Rome With Love, will be arriving this year.

Cannavale has been working on US TV drama Nurse Jackie and recently shot Lovelace alongside Amanda Seyfried. He’s also got a role as Superman in comedy shorts anthology Red Band, which is scheduled to appear next year.