BenderSpink Heads Into The New West

Sci-fi western comic set for adaptation

BenderSpink, the production-management company run by Chris Bender and JC Spink (see what they did there?) has just snapped up the rights to Jimmy Palmiotti and Phil Noto's brief indie comic series The New West.

The story involves disgraced police detective Daniel Wise, in a blasted near-future LA. An electromagnetic pulse bomb has rendered all technology useless, littering the streets with abandoned vehicles and leading to a major crimewave that the cops can only counter on horseback. So when the mayor is kidnapped, our anti-hero, who has some unfortunate previous history with his municipal superior, has to mount up and conduct his rescue mission with a sword...

The project is connected to BenderSpink's recent push to develop original comics that have movie potential, in cahoots with Sean Patrick O'Reilly's Arcana Comics. The New West is slightly off to the side of that deal though, since it's an existing property, published by the now-defunct Black Bull Entertainment in 2005.

BenderSpink is the company behind the Ring remakes and the Butterfly Effect movies, but comics aren't a new thing for them. They produced David Cronenberg's A History Of Violence from John Wagner and Vincent Locke's graphic novel, and they're developing Brian K. Vaughan's Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina, amongst several other comic-y projects.

There's no word yet on screenwriters or directors for The New West, but Palmiotti himself isn't a stranger to scripting, having written Painkiller Jane for SyFy, and a draft of the as-yet unproduced Dead Space movie. Will he be up for adapting his own work, and can he make it not sound like a cross between Escape From New York and Zatoichi? Watch this space.

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