Ben Stiller Wants Walter Mitty

Update: He has it!

UPDATE: Stiller is now officially attached to star in and direct the new Walter Mitty, which has been daydreaming in development hell for years. It'll be the first time Stiller's been behind the camera since Tropic Thunder in 2008.


The remake of 1947 Danny Kaye comedy The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is one of those zombie projects that takes the hits yet somehow keeps coming. Now, according to Deadline, Ben Stiller is in serious talks to nab the title role for 20th Century Fox.

Walter Mitty has been shuffling through development hell for years, chewing through any number of actors and directors including Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Gore Verbinski, Jim Carrey, Owen Wilson and, most recently, Sacha Baron Cohen.

The role of the dreamer with the overactive imagination and the disappointing real life he’s always trying to escape has been a big draw, but the problem has been cracking a new take on the tale. Now it would appear that The Pursuit of Happyness’ Steve Conrad has cooked up a draft that got Stiller ready to jump aboard. It’s not known if they’re keeping the last re-write’s concept, which found Mitty as a meek worker in a big box store who snatches his chance to be a hero.

Stiller will next be seen in Brett Ratner’s Tower Heist and also has a third Madagascar outing on his schedule. Fox wants to get Walter Mitty in front of cameras by the autumn and is now aiming to find a direct that can pump out a family friendly comedy and, if it works, launch another Night at the Museum-style franchise for the actor.