Beauty And The Beast: Behind The Scenes Featurette And Transcript

Of all of Disney's live-action adaptations of their animated films, the most aniticipated is Beauty And The Beast. It's based on the 1991 film and stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast, with Bill Condon serving as director. Slightly more than a month away from its debut in cinemas, Disney has released the behind the scenes featurette above. But if you'd rather read everything cast and crew had to say, check out this transcript below.

Emma Watson (actress, "Belle"): I have loved Beauty And The Beast since I was about four-years-old.

Dan Stevens (actor, "Beast"): I know that I've seen it hundreds of times since, and now that I've got kids of my own, probably thousands.

Bill Condon (director): I just thought it was the most beautiful and perfect movie, which becomes why remake something that's perfect? Part of it was this great opportunity to tell it in a live action, fully photo-real version and tell it again twenty-five years later as a 21st Century tale.

Watson: When you love something that much, you really want to do it justice.


Josh Gad (actor, "Lefou"): It was something that we all knew we had to live up to.

Condon: We have this extraordinary team who are legendary. They have given us the means that we needed to make it everything that it could be.

Ewan McGregor (actor, "Lumiere"): It feels really good to be in this group of actors; it's an amazing cast.

Gugu MBatha-Raw (actress, "Plumette"): There are so many wonderful iconic roles in this film.

Ian McKellan (actor, "Cogsworth"): It was most exciting to see so many people concentrating on creating magic that will endure.

Watson: The craftsmanship has been amazing. This has been unbelievable.

Stevens: The music is pretty special.

Luke Evans (actor, "Gaston"): It's very powerful. It arouses emotion that carries you along.

Condon: There's something about this story and this score that draws everybody in.

Evans: It will remind you of all of the beauty of the original.

Watson: And also expands on it, giving more detail and more depth.

Gad: This version of Beauty And The Beast will define a whole new generation in a wonderful way.

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