Bazooka Joe Coming To The Big Screen

Bubble gum guy gets a movie

It is time for a retro moment. So many great childhood memories are being revisited - Transformers, GI Joe, and now... Bazooka Joe? Yes, the munchkin-faced, eye-patch wearing star of bubble gum wrapper comic strips is heading for the big screen, as a script has been comissioned by producer Michael Eisner from new screenwriter Mark Hammer.

Eisner spotted the recent film graduate after he submitted another script which wasn't used but, sticking with the new writer, he gave him the Bazooka Joe property instead.

Having thrived since the 1950s, Bazooka bubble gum is still an iconic childhood sweet and the distinctive comic strip inner-wrapper featuring Joe's adventures with a whole host of characters which can be used in the film, including Pesty, Mort, Toughie, Hungry Herman, Jane and the interestingly named pooch, Walkie Talkie.

As a man of big business, Eisner has real interest in the bubble gum flick film making a suitable pop. He purchased Topps, the trading card company that owns Bazooka, in 2007 for a massive $380 million, looking to kickstart the image of its brands - and what better way than with a film?

So we've had movies based on comics, games, theme-park rides, board games and now bubblegum: can this work?