Bale Confirmed For 3 Terminator Films

And that has to be a good thing

We think this was pretty much a given already – certainly everyone's been discussing it as fact – but the BBC today confirmed, in an interview with Victor Kubicek of Halcyon Films, that Christian Bale will appear in three new Terminator movies. "He read the script and he loved it, so he's signed on for all three," Kubicek said.

For those who are not up to speed on McG's continuation of the Terminator franchise, Bale will play John Connor, who is now, in the year 2019, leading the fight against Cyberdine's evil robots. The first film in the trilogy, currently titled Terminator: The Future Begins, recently began shooting and also stars Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin and Moon Bloodgood.

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