Bafta Red Carpet: New Projects A-Go-Go

Gervais, Radcliffe et al talk new movies

In between questions about fashion, love lives and their hopes for who is going to win what, we managed to ask a few of our favourite actorly type people about what they’ve got coming up.

Firstly, Ricky Gervais, in decidedly fine form, got talking about his first stab at wielding the megaphone in a comedy set in a world where no-one has ever lied: “I’m making my directorial debut with a film called This Side Of The Truth next month,” said the comedy god. “It’s starring me, Jennifer Garner, Rob Lowe and Jonah Hill. That will take me through to next year. I’m also going to try and do a bit in Night At The Museum 2, probably in August.”

Up next were the legends that are Paddy Considine and Shane Meadows (rightly rewarded with gongs on the night) – and, guess what, the Dead Man’s Shoes pair are only bloody working together again, hoorah!

“We’ve started writing a new film called King Of The Gypsies,” said Meadows. “It’s a story I wanted to make ever since I saw a documentary about a bare-knuckle fighter seven years ago. It’s hopefully going to be this man’s Raging Bull.”

“Yeah, I think it will,” said Considine. ”I’ve just got to get up to 14 stone - I’m 12 and a half now.”

Another Empire favourite stopping for a chat was Daniel Radcliffe, possibly the nicest teenager to ever wield a wand, and obviously all questions were pointing towards Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.

“We’ve been filming now for about seven months now and it’s going very well,” says the diddy wizard. “It’s arguably the best bunch of people we’ve ever had in. The young cast that we’ve got in, they’re just amazing.”

And next?

“I’m doing Equus on Broadway, hopefully, and then there’s the possibility of something after Harry Potter 7 about a guy called Dan Eldon (the British photo-journalist who was killed in Somalia) but that’s a long way off.”

So that’s that in a nutshell for you then.

Oh yeah, and the rather awesome Andy Serkis had this to say about The Hobbit…

“I would definitely get involved. It’s very much Peter Jackson’s concept and story and if I was asked to be involved I would because of that,” says the one-time Gollum. “If Peter Jackson wasn’t involved I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole, but because he is of course I’d say yes.”

Pretty exciting news all round we think you’d agree so keep it locked to Empire Online for all the latest developments.