Avatar 2 And 3 Set For 2014 And 2015

Shooting is confirmed for 2011

It may be a no-brainer but it's officially official now: Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 are happening, and are set for release in 2014 and 2015 after shooting back-to-back, with production set to start next year. James Cameron officially, 100% announced today that they will be his next films, but has not yet confirmed titles or any other details.

The news means that we have some exciting Christmases lined up for the next few years. This year we've got the new Narnia and Tron; next year it's Puss In Boots and Sherlock Holmes 2, then there's two years of The Hobbit planned for 2012 and 2013, and after that two Decembers rich in Avatar. It's like Santa's pulling the strings at Hollywood's big studios.

Rest assured that we'll be keeping an eye on this one as it goes forward. Y'know, probably. If we have a minute.