Fear The Walking Dead's second season gets a teaser trailer

Fear The Walking Dead is back, and it looks like there’s plenty more to be fearful of – not least, the passengers of Flight 462, if this first teaser trailer is anything to go by.

There’s not a huge amount of meaty information to be gleaned from this first promo - all fifteen seconds of it – but it does tease a key component of the new season of the Walking Dead spin-off.

The shadow of a plane shimmers over the ocean at the end of this clip, teasing the inclusion of Flight 462 - the web miniseries released concurrently with season 1. The miniseries, which detailed passengers confronting a walker onboard a plane, is a direct tie-in. One of the characters will join the main Fear The Walking Dead series.

Also new for the 15-episode season 2 is Dougray Scott – he of Hemlock Grove and Mission: Impossible II – cast in a currently unknown role.

In fact, details for the new season are currently a bit sketchy for the new season. We do know that there won’t be a crossover with the main Walking Dead show, at least not in this season, especially as the geography and timelines are still quite separate.

Fear The Walking Dead

More will be revealed as we edge closer to Fear The Walking Dead’s season 2 premiere – it arrives on April 10 in the US on AMC, and will air simultaneously in the UK on AMC Global (via BT TV).

As for Fear’s bigger brother, The Walking Dead, the second half of season 6 premieres on Valentine’s Day in the US (making for a rather gruesome date night). It airs 24 hours later in the UK, on Fox.