Apes Sequel Set For 2014

Along with the next X-Men film...

Some days are clearly designated as “dump a load of release dates and announcements all in one big press release" day. Such as today, with 20th Century Fox announcing that the Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes sequel, currently titled Dawn* Of The Planet Of The Apes, will howl its way into US cinemas on May 23, 2014.

Not much is known about the Apes sequel, beyond the fact that Rupert Wyatt will be back in the director’s chair, Andy Serkis will once again play Caesar and the plot will be set a little further down the line towards the simian domination of Earth.

Shortly after that, we’re scheduled to meet up with Magneto and co once more for the fast-developing X-Men: First Class sequel. That one doesn’t have a title currently, presumably because the studio and director Matthew Vaughn have rejected all of the silly ideas we’ve broached so far. So if you want someone to blame for the film not being called X-Men: Parcelforce, don't come complaining to us. The movie is set to arrive on July 18, 2014.

Both movies will be following in the shadow of another big release, as Steven Spielberg plans to unleash Robopocalypse upon an unsuspecting world. Set your smart phones to begin counting down to their freedom and your doom, as it all kicks off on April 25, 2014. That's a change from the previously announced date of July 3, 2013. Still, something big has moved in instead...

*We’ve met Dawn. She’s a lovely lady. Soft hands.