Another Lockout Trailer Escapes

UPDATE: Now with added poster

UPDATE: For all your Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace needs, MTV has just debuted an explodey new Lockout poster. It's almost as if the film was out soon or something. Ah yes, April 13...

Just before Christmas we saw the international trailer, in which the film was going by the moniker of MS One: Maximum Security. And now here's the "domestic" trailer, where the title is Lockout. Back when we first reported on its development in February 2010, it was called Section Eight. But whatever the name, it stars Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace, and looks like a blast.

Grace is the daughter of president Peter Stormare, who's on some sort of diplomatic visit to a maximum security space prison for dangerous lunatics, orbiting miles above the Earth. Unluckily for her, she's the catalyst for a mass break-out, despite the fortress' whole supposed "impregnable" thing. And the only man who can get her to safety? Pearce's wise-ass badass Snake Plissken Snow, that's who.

"Don't get me wrong," he says. "It's a dream vacation. I go into space, I get inside the maximum security nuthouse, get past all the psychos, save the president's daughter if she's not dead already... I'm thrilled that you would think of me."

The last clip was big on the action inside the prison, but this one gives more of a glimpse of the carnage outside, with space battles and a destructive-looking bike / car freeway chase.

Lockout, as it shall henceforth be known here, is co-written by Luc Besson, and reaches us through his Europacorp (Taken, the Transporter films, last year's Colombiana). The directors are James Mather and Stephen St. Leger. If you've not yet seen their fantastic short film Prey Alone, now would be the time, ahead of Lockout's UK release (a week earlier than the States) on April 13.