Anna Faris Recruited As Private Benjamin

Goldie Hawn comedy hits the remake route

So, if Jennifer Lopez isn’t the new Goldie Hawn, maybe Anna Faris is? We could certainly see more evidence for her claim to the title, and now she’s out to prove it, signing up to remake of Hawn’s star-making role with Private Benjamin.

New Line is shoving the 1980 comedy through the re-do factory with writer Amy Talkington – who has already worked on a new version of ‘80s “classic” Valley Girl – in negotiations to pen the script.

We’re not sure what elements of the story will make it through to the planned modern-day version, though some take on Hawn’s spoiled character, who is duped into joining the military when her rich hubby dies while consummating their wedding, is likely.

According to the Risky Business Blog, producer Mark Gordon isn’t looking to thumb his nose at the men and women serving in the military, instead focusing on the empowering plot line and fish-out-of-water comedy. Legally Blonde in fatigues, then?

This one will have to go some to match the original, which scored three Oscar nominations…