Aliens books a Royal Albert Hall date with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra


Shortly after ticket sales of the Royal Albert Hall’s orchestrally-accompanied screening of Jurassic Park went gangbusters, the austere old dome has announced that it’ll be swapping T-Rexs for slathering xenomorphs and playing host to another Empire favourite. Yes, James Cameron’s Aliens - and its James Horner score - will be celebrating its 30th birthday with the full Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra treatment.

The two shows are taking place in London on November 6, with tickets on sale on February 18. Judging by the response to the live Jurassic Park, which sold 10,000 tickets in a few hours, you’ll have to get in quick. There’ll be M577 Armored Personnel Carriers backed up on Kensington Gore that night.

“We’re delighted to reveal the other headline show for November’s film festival [features] more big blockbuster scores in the shape of James Cameron’s explosive Aliens," the Royal Albert Hall’s Lucy Noble said in a statement, "with James Horner’s incredible music brought front and centre by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, conducted by Ludwig Wicki."

It's a fittingly grand venue to celebrate not just a classic sci-fi, but the work of the great James Horner, who died last year. His Aliens score was, of course, recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra rather than the Royal Philharmonic – you can’t have everything – and won him an Oscar nomination.

Head to the official site from 10am on February 18 for tickets, or you could try standing outside the Royal Albert Hall shouting “Punch it, Bishop!” until someone brings you some.