Action-Packed New Man Of Steel Trailer

'You will not win...'

After several moody, tonally Terrence Malick-style teases for Man Of Steel, and then that impressive, grandiose effort more recently, things kick up a notch further on the action stakes with this combat-laden new trailer. There’s a greater chance for big moments (fights, not plot) to be spoiled, so take care, but otherwise… enjoy.

Launched with another message from Michael “I WILL FIND HIM!” Shannon’s General Zod as he demands that we Earthlings tell him where Kal-El is hiding, it then segues into a blistering barrage of action scenes as Superman (Henry Cavill) faces off against Zod and, in particular in this one, Antje Traue’s Faora, who delivers a chilling threat to our hero: “For every human you save, we will kill a million more…” So if you were wondering whether Zod and Faora would be basically decent types, there’s your answer. Those two (and the Kryptonians they brought with them) are not messing around.

Man Of Steel will also find Kal-El trying to find his place in the world, living on a planet of people who are nowhere near as powerful as he. From the looks of this, he’ll end up having to protect us from some very angry, highly destructive Kryptonians.

Laurence Fishburne, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe, Ayelet Zurer and Christopher Meloni all feature in this one, which arrives on June 14. We have to admit we’re excited to see some of those set piece moments on the biggest screen we can find. For more on the movie, check out the latest Empire, which features Supes or Zod as cover choices and plenty of coverage within. You can also read our interview with David Goyer on the film and our chat with score maestro Hans Zimmer.