Aaron Sorkin Adapting Flash Boys

He'll adapt a new book by Moneyball's Michael Lewis


With one Aaron Sorkin adaptation of a Michael Lewis book successfully under its belt via Moneyball, Sony is looking to recapture the magic by assigning the Social Network scribe the task of turning Lewis’ new tome, Flash Boys, into a script.

The studio bought the rights to the book in April, even though, like Moneyball, it features a slightly challenging subject to bring compellingly to the screen. Flash Boys delves into the world of high frequency trading on markets such as Wall Street and how it became a way for certain people to game the system. The book tells the stories of Sergey Aleynikov, a former programmer for Goldman Sachs, and Brad Katsuyama, a founder of IEX, who found ways to use computers to make trades before their competitors.

Though it doesn’t sound even as cinematic as Moneyball (which at least had baseball), if anyone can make the high-powered milieu seem interesting, it’s Sorkin. Of course, the script is just one part of it – producers Scott Rudin and Eli Bush will also need to round up a director and cast to bring it to life…

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