61 Hours To Be The Next Reacher Film?

Lee Child hints at One Shot's follow-ups

We don't want to get you too excited, but we just had Lee Child, the man behind Jack Reacher, in the office for a webchat. During his barrage of questions from Empire readers, he was asked this little gem by a man named Jason:

"If One Sho**t** is a successful film, which book from the series would you like to be adapted for the screen next?"

Lee Child responded with:

"They're talking about that now. They don't want to jinx the success of the first one by talking too much, but they want Bad Luck And Trouble as the third (with Neagley in it) because they feel, by then, we'll be ready for an ensemble piece."

"They haven't decided about the second. They would kind of like 61 Hours, but creating a thousand square miles of snow is difficult. So it's wait and see."

This is very intriguing – if totally hypothetical – news. Bad Luck And Trouble is 11th in the Jack Reacher series, and 61 Hours is the 14th. Continuity editors and other chronology supervisors will have to be very careful – if only Jack Reacher were real, eh?

Elsewhere during Child's visit, he also revealed that Werner Herzog himself was the one gunning for the role as the villain in One Shot – it wasn't just thanks to screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie asking him to be involved. So that's pretty interesting, for a number of reasons. Almost unbelievable ones, really.

Still, do you agree with these books as movie sequel potentials for One Shot? What other Reacher novels would you rather see on screen first? And are you praying that the Reacher film franchise behaves a lot like the Bond one... and hires different actors for different movies? Let us know in the comment box below.

One Shot is due out in February 2013.