300 Sequel On The Way

Miller to write; Snyder to direct?

Are you ready for 300, Part II? (Shouldn’t that be 302?)

It would seem that Frank Miller and Zack Snyder are, for it’s been confirmed that Miller, on whose graphic novel last year’s smash hit was based, is to write a story set in the same universe.

The aim is to then adapt that new graphic novel into another 300 movie, with Snyder waiting until he sees Miller’s finished effort before he decides whether or not to direct.

At the moment, it’s not known if the project will be a prequel or a sequel to the visually stunning epic about the Battle of Thermypolae, which was filmed entirely against greenscreen, turned Gerard Butler into a star and secured Snyder his current gig directing Watchmen.

Turning it into a sequel is slightly tricky, given that virtually everybody died in 300, while prequels are – almost by their nature – devoid of narrative tension. But it’s not as if Spartan history is devoid of incident for Miller to explore, so we’re sure he’ll come up with a cracking yarn. And, on a selfish note, it’s always good to see Miller back in the world of comics – clearly, despite his stint directing the upcoming movie version of The Spirit, he hasn’t turned his back just yet on the medium that made him.

The new 300 movie will, like the first one, be produced by Legendary Pictures for Warner Bros. Legendary apparently considers the project to be a major priority, as does Empire’s Helen O’Hara, who is still reeling from the six-pack festival that was the original.

And hey, readers, there’s another upside to this: now they can make a sequel to Meet The Spartans! Joy unconfined!