National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation Review

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The Griswolds head off for Las Vegas, as Clark got an extra bonus for developing a food preservative. In the city of fortune, the family ties are once again tested by forces of nature.


National Lampoon releases yet another holiday video from the Griswolds, Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo are back leading the pack as they run riot in the gambling mecca.

The humour may be a tad predictable, Chase becomes a prime target for Gamblers Anonymous, Wayne Newton develops a crush on D'Angelo, Rusty, not being 21 years of age yet, hits a lucky streak as Mr. Pappagiorgio and Audrey teams up with Cousin Eddie's daughter Vickie to dance at very interesting night clubs.

Also, the Griswolds nearly cause the breaking of Hoover Dam. But the cheerily slapdash approach with Chase playing Clark W Griswold as well as he ever did, (even if his own popularity is floundering, his character's appeal is still there) and a good support cast, especially Randy Quaid as the family's appalling hick cousin, make this perfectly acceptable if taken at what it is, foolish fun.

Not to the standard of the earlier films with the formula tiring a bit, but still enjoyably silly.