National Lampoon's Dad's Week Off Review

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A computer salesman (Henry Winkler) is charged with marketing a tiny computer that no one can operate faces hypertension when he realizes that there is no way to sell the product and he is likely to lose his job. His family give him some space to relax.


Henry Winkler looking good in this over-the-top comedy from the National Lampoon team, considering The Fonz was no spring chicken even all those moons ago in Happy Days.

He plays hapless computer salesman Jack who has a week of disasters, when his wife and kids leave him home alone. He manages to get drunk and drugged, finding himself waking up in a strange woman's house with nothing but womens clothes and handcuffs to hide his dignity.

These are the sort of scrapes out reluctant hero get's into and it should all be pointless, totally far-fetched and silly, which it is (Winkler gets arrested and is initiated into a street gang at one point) but nonetheless this is strangely fetching in its sublime stupidity and Winkler is perfectly cast as the man who doesn't know what'll come next.

Ultimately stupid but all in good fun.