The Nasty Girl Review

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Young student, Sonia, finds that her school research project starts uncovering buried collaberationist secrets about her home town


When Michael Verhoeven's fact-based Oscar nominee was first released, many critics were so obsessed with denouncing its satirical approach to the contentious issue of Germany's Nazi past that they overlooked the brilliance of its use of back projection and obviously artificial sets.

So, by dwelling on the secrets that the excellent Lena Stolzes prying pupil unearths in the fictional burg of Pfilzing, they failed to recognise that the style reinforced the nation's eagerness to live in a brave new world and eschew responsibility for the crimes of the Third Reich. If ever a film merited re-evaluation...

Whilst there are those who will feel uncomfortable about satirising the Nazi regime in Germany, this is a perceptive and insightful film that deserves a long look.