The Naked Gun Review

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A spin off from the piss-taking series Police Squad from the Airplane school of gaggery, an incompetent Lieutenant Debrin must prevent the visiting Queen of England from being assassinated.


Your only chance to see the Queen with her legs wrapped around Leslie Nielsen's back, Gorby without his birthmark and The Ayatollah's secret Mohican haircut, this is a brilliantly irreverent comedy overflowing with quite extraordinary levels of absurdity.

Starting with Nielsen in Beirut beating up assorted nasty world leaders, we move quickly back to an L. A. where Nielsen's deadpan face is the catalyst to an explosive chain reaction of hilarity. See him climb into a motel room using a particularly intimate piece of statue as a handle; listen to the "speech" he inadvertently makes from the mens' room, and take proper heed of his and Priscilla Presley's careful demonstration of the correct way to go about safe sex.

All in all, a balloon-sized hoot