The Myth Of The American Sleepover Review

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Over one night and a few sleepovers in Michigan, one boy drives miles in search of some twins, who may have had a crush on him in high school; another group throws eggs at houses and each other, while the girls play with Ouija boards like naughty children. And throughout it all, they naively, confusedly and drunkenly stumble around in search of a companion, which they all seem to believe is the ultimate solution to their angst.


On the last night of summer, suburban teens cross paths in search of Life in a wistful ensemble drama. Cast with amateurs of varying competence/likability, David Robert Mitchell’s film ponders the hurry
to leave childhood with naivety and dreamlike nostalgia.

The protagonists are amateur, but their occasional awkwardness only accentuates Mitchell’s whole point: these are confused, awkward, semi-adults who are not perfectly polished, or capable of delivering perfect lines. The result in an uncanny look at the t

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