Murderous Vision Review

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Detective Kyle Robes haw is a headstrong detective who finds himself stuck in a dead end job in missing person's as a result. One of his cases leads him into the investigation of a serial killer who killed his policewoman girlfriend. Along the way he employs a psychic to help him find the missing person and the killer who kidnapped her.


The very premise of this film stinks of a bored, over-sexed producer who’s in a state to pretty much green-light anything.

There's a serial killer on the loose (a deranged ex-plastic surgeon), and, oh dear, he's mighty keen on slicing the faces off his victims and pickling them in jam jars.

Washed up detective, Bruce Boxleitner is charged with bringing this rather unsavoury character to justice, but can't do it without the help of a psychic (yes a psychic, and who, yes, knows exactly when the killer's going to make his next incision.

Murderous viewing.