Murder in Mississippi Review

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A personal account of the circumstances surrounding the murder of three Civil Rights workers in Mississippi during the voter registration drives of the summer in '64.


In the American South of 1964 racism is still built into the political system with all kinds of obstacles put in the way of black people voting. Civil Rights activist Tom Hulce comes down from New York to help change things and that makes the local white supremacists very angry.

A TV movie true story with a good grasp on the history and politics of the time. Hulce shows off a fine beatnik beard, his closest black colleague CCH Pounder is properly suspicious of the naive do-gooder to start with and the people they’re up against are convincingly vicious throughout.

Misleadingly titled (in no way is this a thriller and the murder is right at the end), but otherwise, quite effectively done.

A long-forgotten gripper worth digging out for a Sunday evening indoors.